5 Latest wonders to visit

Best 5 latest wonders to visit:After you pay little dues like the Spectrum bill pay  and bigger ones like your house mortgage, think about something smart to do with your money.


Instead of spending it on takeout’s and unnecessary wardrobe items, how would you like to take a trip this season?

Open that dusty travel scrapbook and visit a few of the world’s best tourist spots, like the world’s seven wonders!

If you have been too busy with life and don’t know what’s going on around the globe, those wonders aren’t the same as you remember! 

5 Latest Wonders of the World
Given that the primary list of these wonders is as old as the second century BC, it was high time that the world renewed the list.

In 2000, a campaign launched by a Swiss foundation identified seven new wonders of the modern world.

The following are five from the refined list:

1. The Great Wall of China, China:

This man-made architectural miracle in Beijing has been around since the 16th century, and it was initially created using stone and earth to protect the Chinese empire from Mongolian attacks.

It has a total span of around 4000 to 5000 miles (these measurements vary in different reports), successfully making it the most extensive man-made architectural structure globally. 
The word “wall” was put in its name many years ago, and it persists even today.

However, it is more like a bridge with two parallel walls and a walking area between them. It also has barracks and watchtowers scattered throughout, further adding to its exquisite design.

The only thing that critics point out is the lack of effectiveness of this design. Considering that the wall was initially built to provide safety and security, some experts argue that the architecture fails to fulfill the purpose and does not guarantee actual security. Nonetheless, it remains China’s most precious possession and has made it to the list of the seven wonders of the modern world! 

2. Chichen Itza, Mexico

Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, the Chichen Itza is an existing proof of the adaptability and creativity of the Mayan culture. The city has been famous for being powerful, becoming a trade center for salt, honey, slaves, and clothes, and acting as an economic and political hub for the civilization. 
Castillo, a Toltec-style 79-feet pyramid, stands tall on the Chichen Itza Square.

It was initially built around the 10th century after conquerors successfully invaded the Mayan city. The structure holds 365 steps which is proof of the astronomical abilities of the civilians since that is the exact number of days in a year.

The sunset also casts a shadow on these pyramids during the autumnal and vernal equinoxes. As a result, it mimics the image of a snake moving down its Northern ladder.

Overall, these ruins are pleasant to the eye and give architecture enthusiasts tons of inspiration!

3. Petra, Jordan

This ancient city is like a remote valley settled peacefully between sandstone cliffs and mountains. Some say that Moses hit rocks and created streams of water somewhere around this place.

After some time, Nabataeans established the capital. Soon, it became an important trading center, especially for spices and famous sculptures created tombs, temples, and houses in sandstone which slowly changed color over time. 

Moreover, there is also a tremendous water system in this place. People use it for agriculture and maintaining lush gardens. Some reports also say that Petra once had 30,000 people living there.

However, with eventual change in trade routes, the city stopped flourishing and faced a significant decline. In 363 AD, a horrible earthquake created difficulties for the people to survive.

Another earthquake hit in 551 and left Petra completely abandoned. In 1912, the world rediscovered Petra, and since then, archaeologists have been buzzing all over the place.

Today, its beauty has attracted thousands of visitors worldwide, and it has become one of the seven modern wonders. 

4. Machu Picchu, Peru

Located around Cusco, this architectural wonder was presented to the modern world by Hiram Bingham around 1911.

To this day, it is unknown what Machu Picchu was made for and what its original history is. It is quite a puzzle for archeologists.

Some suggest that it was a holy place where people performed pilgrimages and spiritual rituals.

Some archaeologists think it was once a royal sanctuary, while others propose that it might have been home for “sun virgins” who vowed chastity and lived in monasteries. Regardless of the history, it is an exceptionally beautiful place, no less than Disneyland for architectural enthusiasts.

The temples, residential areas, squares, and agricultural terraces characterize the place. The place truly takes your breath away! 

5. Christ The Redeemer, Brazil

Everyone is familiar with the beautiful, majestic statue in Rio de Janeiro and thousands of people visit it every year.

Christ The Redeemer has been standing on Corcovado Hill since after the First World War, and Brazilians proposed to build it against “the tide of evil.”

Heitor da Silva Costa, Paul Landowski, and Carlos Oswald designed the statue, taking about five years to complete. It was entirely made of hundreds and thousands of concrete-clad tiles (triangular soapstone) in a mosaic form and sat on a perfect square stone base.

The final product was 30 meters (98 feet) high, and it does not include the base, which is 8 meters (26 feet) high.

It is a concern for people that this statue, being as high as it is, is often targeted by thunderstorms and lightning.

In fact, one of the statue’s thumbs was severely damaged in an incident (storm) in 2014.

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All 5 of these places are beautiful, but each is unique. Each location has a different touch; each country will be a different experience. Some people like to explore ruins and experience ancient places.

Others prefer staring at giant statues in modern environments, appreciating the modern architecture. So, depending on your travel taste and budget, you can decide which one you want to cross off the list first! 


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