72+ Hot Air Balloon Captions for Ig

Hot Air Balloon Captions Ig:

Since 18th century it achieves new altitudes day by day. Yes we are talking about air balloons. In our childhood when we saw it flying, it not only amazes us but also makes us happy. This happiness and craziness is still appears in youths as well when they saw it.

Everyone has a dream to fly but without wings it is impossible. Hot air balloons fulfills our dream of flying in the air. Everything looks smaller whether it is a big mountains or tall trees. Flying in it is an adventurous activity.

If you captured your best balloon pics and going to post it on different social media platforms like Instagram to show your followers and friends that how you feel after fulfilling your dreams.

For your adventurous snaps you need captions which explains your feed very good. So, don’t worry you do not need to search best words for your pictures.

We have gathered a list of the good Hot Air Balloon Captions for Instagram for you. 

Hot Air Balloon Captions for Instagram:


  • Let’s fly with hot air balloons.
  • Perspective can either make your problems look bigger or your possibilities look infinite.
  • Nature is the art of god.
  • Head in the clouds.
  • Explore. Dream.Discover.
  • Lost in the air.
  • Don’t ever doubt your worth.
  • Such a magical view.
  • Your limitations, it’s only your imagination.
  • This time I floated up into the sky in a basket.
  • With age, comes wisdom. With travel comes experience and understanding.
  • New favorite mode of transportations.
  • Up up and away.
  • You can fly, you can fall, but never stop..
  • Flying in the wonderland.
  • Look up and get lost.
  • Adventure is on the other side of fear.
  • Expect nothing, appreciate everything.
  • Flying high.
  • Love is in the air.
  • When fears are grounded, dreams take flight.
  • Come fly with me in my beautiful balloon.
  • Somewhere over the rainbow.
  • Less earth. More air, wind and fire.
  • One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
  • Just think of happy thoughts and you’ll fly.
  • Collect experience not things.
  • Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.
  • You don’t need magic to disappear, all you need is a beautiful destinations.
  • It’s time to fly.
  • Life is like a balloon; you must put something into it to get the best possible results.
  • Friend-ship lift me up, lift me up.
  • Smell the soil and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.
  • High as an air balloon.
  • Be like a hot air balloon. Ignore the negativities, Ignite the fire within, rise up against all odds and fly high in the sky of dreams.
  • Life is better on the fly and in the sky.
  • No wings needed to touch the sky.
  • Rise above the sky. Let the good vibes reach you.
  • Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly.
  • Burn your worries and fly high till the stars.
  • If you open your heart, everybody can fly.
  • Let’s go up.
  • Take life higher.
  • Take me somewhere, where the sun shines bright and the skies are blue.
  • Love is a friendship that has caught fire.
  • Sometimes it’s better to watch the view than be the view.
  • I floats in a daydream.
  • An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.
  • She dreamt she could fly.
  • Breeze and peace.
  • If you want to fly, give up everything that weights you down.
  • Light as a feather.
  • When you feel life at crossroads, you need a higher perspective view.
  • Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.
  • For every problems you try to hide, let them go like balloons in the sky.
  • Do not let your dreams float away.


Funny Hot Air Balloon Captions:

  • One of my bucket list, checked.
  • I’m in a heaven.
  • When they go low, we go high.
  • Flying beauty.
  • Lean out and touch the treetops over town.
  • Adjusting my altitudes.
  • Be a rainbow in someone’s clouds.
  • Come with me to touch the sky.
  • Sometimes life’s a circus and I just want to be up with the balloons.
  • The air was hot, and so were the balloons.
  • I tied my heart to a balloon and let it float away.
  • Nowhere to go but upp.
  • Something beautiful is on the horizon.
  • You are the string to my balloon.
  • I’m letting go, so I can be free.
  • Hot stuff.
  • Dream up.

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