86+ Good Election Instagram Captions

Election Instagram Captions: In a democratic country the citizens have some basic fundamental rights. The citizens have the right to choose his or her leader. Elections are like the festival in democracy. Governments decide the age above which a person can vote. There are many famous personality who worked for the Equality and fight for the race discrimination few one of them is Martin Luther King.

If you are going to vote then don’t forget to click your best voting pictures for your social media post which encourage others for voting.

For your social media posts we have curated a list of the best 86+ Good Election Instagram Captions.

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Good Election Instagram Captions


  • Proud to be voter
  • Ready to vote
  • One vote makes all the differences
  • Think twice, Choose wise
  • Every voice matters and every vote counts
  • The most powerful weapon is in your hands
  • Every vote counts
  • The voices of the youths need to sound out loud and clear
  • Let’s take a pledge to uphold our most important duty to vote
  • Never miss an opportunity to vote as it is our contribution
  • The future of country lies in our hands
  • Say what you feel choose what you believe
  • Vote is the most powerful tool to build vibrant democracy
  • Exercising the right to vote is our sacred duty
  • In a democracy every single vote counts
  • To bring change, be a part of the change
  • When we vote,we take back our power to choose, to speak up and to stand with those who support us and each other
  • Celebrating democracy with our voting rights
  • It is us who has the power to choose a leader who transforms the nation
  • The key to democracy hangs in the balance, cast your vote, make it right
  • It is the responsibility of every individual to exercise their voting right to enable a stable democracy
  • Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world
  • Voting is not only our but also our responsibility

Voting Captions for Instagram

  • To vote, is to make our voice heard
  • Every vote upholds democracy
  • A true democracy is only possible when every single, eligible citizen of a nation exercises their right to vote
  • Let your voice be heard
  • The right to vote is the power to make a difference
  • Vote is not just our responsibility but also our power
  • Cast your vote, strenghten the democracy
  • My one vote has the power to build the nation
  • Never underestimate the power of even single vote
  • My vote is my power to change the world
  • There is no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter
  • My vote is my representation in a democratic government
  • All of us must vote
  • It is not just a fundamental right, its’s our responsibility to put our nation in safe hands
  • My vote, my voice
  • Be heard, be counted
  • My vote is precious
  • It is the most powerful, no-voilent tool we have and we must use it
  • Not voting is not a protest, it is a surrender
  • If we don’t vote, we lose the right to complain
  • One tap can do wonders
  • The foundation of the nation rests in our hands
  • Make it count. Do your bit, Vote

Election Day Instagram Captions

  • Voting is my right which no one can take away
  • My vote has the power to make democracy shake
  • By voting, we are participating in the democratic process
  • Have your say-Use your vote
  • Lets be the part of the change that everyone wishes to see in building a nation
  • My vote, My future
  • It is expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country,and this world
  • Our voices are being heard and we’re proving to our ancestors that their struggle were not in vain
  • Let us come together and celebrate the ideals of democracy as enshrined in our constitution
  • Never miss an opportunity to vote as it is our contribution to our country
  • The ballot is stronger than bullet
  • It is the most powerful way to bring about change
  • My vote is for better change and for a better nation
  • The right to vote is most significant right in a democracy
  • When we vote our values are put into action and our voices are heard
  • Apart we live, united we vote
  • Vote for future,vote for development
  • Someone struggled for our right to vote, use it
  • Democracy demands patient instruction on it before legislation
  • The ignorance of voter in a democracy impairs the security of all
  • Leadership is not about the next election, it is about the next generation
  • Its not enough to just want change, we have to go and make a change by voting
  • No vote to be left behind

National Voters Day  Instagram Captions

  • The vote makes us equal
  • One vote can change the entire political system
  • Every vote counts , every opinion matters
  • Lets create a strong nation with our vote
  • Every election is determined by the people who show up
  • Vote is not a mere term, but a right of the citizens and guarantee of a bright future
  • Each vote acts as a stone for the pillar of democracy
  • All of us may have been created equal. but we’ll never actually be equal until we all vote
  • My vote is my service to the nation
  • Talk is cheap, voting is free
  • My vote is valuable
  • The power to change our own future at the tip of our finger
  • Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy
  • Democracy is not about politics , it’s about the peolpe
  • The biggest treat to democracy is indifference
  • Democracy, discipline and enlightened, is the finest thing in the world
  • A democratic organisation has to dare to do the right at all costs
  • Voting is the great equalizer

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